Gain A Numbers Advantage With Unbalanced Shoot
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 1, 2018

As FirstDown PlayBook has been diligently going through all of your youth football formations and adding some unbalanced looks to each it has occurred to us just how different they all are. Some of your new youth football plays give you an advantage by providing a four man surface that makes the defense adjust or face losing leverage.

Other adjustments that we have made with the unbalanced installations puts the defense at danger getting attacked inside as the extra lineman has presented an extra gap to defend.

Our latest installation takes on an even different look and approach. The FirstDown PlayBook Shoot formation has no tight ends and this makes it next to impossible to bring an offensive lineman over to the strong side or you run the risk of having your slot blocking in the B gap.

So what we did with this formation is set up plays where your playside slot can either line up on the ball or step up on the ball as a shift. The backside X will now step back off of the ball. This makes the X eligible to come in motion and now you have a whole new look for the defensive coordinator to figure out and get adjusted to.

Complicated? Not for your team. Most of the blocking schemes are the same as with your normal Shoot formation. Check out this short video and we will explain it with more detail for you.



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