Get A Little Bounce In Your Kickoff Return!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 30, 2019

As of this weekend most of the country will be practicing football in some fashion or form. It feels good to have it back.

We have spent a lot of time on the phone with high school coaches over the past months. One of the things that grabs their attention about FirstDown PlayBook is the special teams section.

We here at FirstDown PlayBook take a lot of pride in this phase of football because it was a big part of our career. One of the the things we offer a coach are ways to change up your special teams schemes a little without reinventing the wheel.

For most of you out there, you have wisely kept your call sheet small and focused on doing a little bit correctly as opposed to a lot wrong. Odds are that your special teams game plan will reflect this strategy even more than the other parts of the game plan.

After all, you will not practice your special teams as much as your offense and your defense. If you are going into this football season with a simple middle, a left and a right kickoff return then FirstDown PlayBook is all about that because really your first opponent has no video on you to game plan off of anyway.

What we want to address today is in few weeks when your game number three and four opponents see that you are running the same kickoff return every time. We want to offer a way or two to change it up. his is where FirstDown PlayBook’s deep library can help you find a changeup that fits as a counter to your base return.

We will detail up a bounce kickoff return that comes off of a pretty fundamental middle return scheme. This is just a case for making sure whatever your kickoff return strategy is, that you give your players a chance by having a least one changeup on tape as the season progresses.

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