How To Get Real Flag Football Help
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 12, 2014

FirstDown PlayBook is helping a lot of coaches out there but maybe none more than the busy parents who are coaching Flag Football. We understand how busy most parents are. Far too busy to be digging through the internet looking for what may or may not flag football plays suitable and safe for their team. We have tried to take some of the guess work out of it for these folks. FirstDown PlayBook understands that with the growing concerns with concussions it is inevitable that these coaches will need more help if the kids are actually going to learn football as opposed to running around learning nothing to develop their knowledge and skills for later football participation. So we have not only provided flag football plays with real football concepts we have also made them super easy to find. Here’s how it works:

Go to our Youth Football website at

You will see we have both tackle and Flag formations. Currently we have two Flag formations. Deuce and Twins. We also have a free demo slide so that you can check out a free play or two.



Lets say you like our Deuce formation. Once you choose that you will find 30 unique (15 plays mirrored right & left) plays that are designed with real football concepts at their core. You will also notice that the plays are in color. That’s because there is a color code to aid the coach as they teach these plays. The color system is simple The QB is taught progression reads Green is #1  Blue is #2  Red is #3.



#3 copy

Once you find a play you like there are several things you can do from here. You can change the name of the play to something that makes sense to your kids. You can create your very own play books and move this play over into the playbook of your choice. If you want you can also email the play to other coaches, parents and players.





FirstDown PlayBook understands that a clean color coded drawing is helpful when coaching your team but what about really understanding the play as a Coach? We provide this too. Every play has an i button in the upper right hand corner of the play. Tap on this play and you will see that there are coaching points for every position. The coaching points are color coded to coincide with the play drawing.


Once you begin to build your very own play books you will find that the work is mostly done as you prepare for your next practice or game. That’s our goal. We want to make it easy for flag football coaches to get proven football plays and not waste a lot of time doing it!

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