Give X Options On The Spacing Concept
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 7, 2017

The Spacing concept is such great way to get the football out of a young quarterback’s hand that many coaches find ways to run it out of multiple formations throughout the same game. If your quarterback understands what to look for with his pre-snap read then the read becomes very simple.

Essentially the quarterback is going to make a yes/no decision on the X receiver pre-snap based on the cornerback’s cushion and average. If it is cover 2 then the quarterback will also check out the width of the Will Linebacker. If he likes what he sees pre-snap then he is going to take a quick three or one step drop and get the ball to the X in a hurry.

If the pre-snap look to the X is not good the quarterback will once again take the snap and “machine gun read all of his receivers weak to strong with the Spacing concept. He will once again get the ball to the first receiver who is open as quickly as he can. The idea is to put receivers in all of the underneath zones before the defense can adjust.

Another thing that as a coach you can do to give the Spacing concept a little more teeth is to allow your X receiver and the quarterback to have options with the “Individual” route. In other words the X could have the option to run a Slant like we have drawn here or he could run an Out or if he was facing a press corner he could run a Go. The X and the quarterback would obviously have three separate hand signals for this.

It’s important to remember that just because the X signals the route he “thinks” he can get open on does not mean the quarterback has to go there if he does not like the look. The QB can still get right to his weak to strong read with the other receivers if he chooses.

One last thing. This addition to the Spacing concept is no different than any passing game concept in that it takes a lot of work and practice to get good at it but what a way for your special receiver and quarterback to spend time this spring and summer! It is great work that can be put in with two players, a ball and another player as the defender. If you want to see how we coach this play up in the FirstDown PlayBook just tap on the play below!


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