Good Offenses Are Normally Good Screen Teams
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 4, 2019

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Over the past two weekends we have noticed just how many screens are being run by some of the NFL’s better teams. We saw it last weekend when the San Francisco 49ers ran at least ten screens against the Carolina Panthers if they ran one.

First, let’s understand that screens are hard. They may take as much work as any play you can dial up on offense. The benefits however far out weigh the preparation time. Teams that are good at screens not only have a powerful weapon when they call that actual play but the benefits are lasting.

Screens slow down the dominant pass rush that can erode other parts of your game plan as the game goes on. Dial up a screen against the defense’s favorite pressure and you just might have a big play on your hands.

Finally, one other thing that is showing up a lot is what we like to call “window dressing”. Many of today’s screens are decorated up with a fake jet sweep or a receiver around fake of some kind. This is the perfect compliment because one general rule for screens has always been that they should look like a play that your run in your offense. Almost all teams have jet sweeps and arounds in their playbook.

So regardless of if  you are heading into playoff action or are already getting ready for 2020 season, screens can be a helpful addition to your offense. This short video will show you how to find plenty of them in the FirstDown PlayBook varsity offense section.


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