Got A Young QB? Teach The Snag Concept.
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 12, 2017

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There are those passing game concepts in the game of football that we just don’t call enough. The Snag concept is one of those. It is one of those concepts that when you break yourself down at the end of the year you almost always find yourself asking “Why did we not call this more? “We completed 80% of them and it was against all coverages.”

One of the reasons that this concept is usually so successful for teams is that the Quarterback’s read is very simple and everything is right in one portion of the field for the QB to see. Another thing is that this play allows the QB to get the ball out of his or her hand quickly! It is very hard to sack the QB when the Snag concept is called.

Today FirstDown PlayBook is installing the Snag. We have packaged it with some other very common two or one man concepts on the other side. This way if you want to give your QB a chance to alert to one of the other concepts and he does not like the defense then he can always go back over to his Snag side for an easy completion! Bang on the Snag drawing below to see how we read out this play!

FirstDown PlayBook Snag Concept Install!
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