Help Your Youth Football Corners Out With Contain
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 9, 2019

We had many great questions last Tuesday during our first Youth Football Chalk Talk webinar and we were excited to be able to answer several questions throughout the one hour. One of the questions that we got and maybe didn’t have quite enough time to spend on was about how to help out youth football corners who have contain responsibility.

No doubt, it can be a hard thing to fix because your youth football corners are typically your smallest players on the field. The very nature of youth football often has power type offensive formations because the quarterback cannot throw the ball well enough to spread its out.

As we talk about in the video below is often times coaches try to help the smaller corner out by telling them just “contain” the football and turn everything back inside to the rest of the defense. This often just creates a vertical seam in your defense that is worse than losing contain.

Making defensive corners tackle isn’t exclusive to youth football. There has been many a NFL game plan that was predicated on making the corner tackle in the run game. So without knowing your exact personnel and the scheme that is being run at you, we have offered up a few basic solutions that might help you and your youth football corner if you get in this situation.

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