How Are You Adjusting Your Football Schedule?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 20, 2020

Today we would like to shut up and listen to you for a bit. These are weird times and I think we all would admit that it is forcing us to adapt our schedules quite a bit.

Many of you are home with your children as your wife continues to work during the day. Some of you have been challenged to set up online teaching programs for students. Others are in areas where there is virtually nothing allowed outside of your home right now.

So our question short and simple is this: When will you work on football? As you begin to readjust your schedule and get used to the new normal will you carve out time for football work? if so what time of the day will you dedicate to this?

We have a twitter poll going on right now and we would like for you to vote if you can. Please keep in mind this isn’t a judgmental thing at all. we are just wondering when most ball coaches work on ball when they do it for home like most of you are right now.

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