How Did I Get Here?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 27, 2017

You were not supposed to even be here. Last year you agreed to help coach the youth football team because you are a good person and yes, a good parent. Last year was pretty fun. The head coach gave you a little responsibility but pretty much told you what the plan was and you just did it because after all, you are a good soldier too! Besides, it was great to spend a little more time with your kid!

How were you to know that when the head coach’s son went on to the next level that the head coach was going with him? Even more importantly, how were you to know that when everyone looked around for a new head coach all eyes were going to turn to you. Oh, you tried to explain that you did not know that much about football coaching and there had to be many more parents more qualified to be the head coach than you. However, no matter how hard you resisted the eyes stayed on you, including your son’s.

So now you are standing on the sideline about to kick off your first football game as a head youth football coach.  Your stomach aches with nerves and to make matters worse you are opening up with a team coached by a guy who has been coaching youth football for a decade. He’s a youth football coaching legend in your area and you are about to become his next victim.

Sure you did your due diligence. You stayed up several nights until after midnight trying to learn online but somehow you are pretty sure that the articles and plays you found were posted by dads just like yourself who learned the hard way, just like you are about to, by getting beat down by a seasoned youth football coach. Well, it’s too late to worry about that now because you are about to kickoff!


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