“How Did You Get To Be An NFL Coach?”
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 6, 2019

“Coach, how did you get to be an NFL coach?” Anyone who has ever been fortunate enough to coach at the professional level has gotten that question more than a few times. There are a lot of ways to answer it but there are some consistent traits that seem to run true for most coaches at that level.

Yes, most of them are driven and have made a lot of personal sacrifices to get there. Yes, many of them are fortunate to know someone who would step up and take a chance on them. Yes, once they got there they quickly had to prove their merit or it could end up being a short lived professional career.

During our nine year NFL career and during the other 21 we spent coaching college football we also noticed this trait among coaches who climbed the ladder. Regardless of the position they coached, most all of these coaches started organizing “their” ideas at an early point in their career.

Why? Because they understood that at some point they were going to get their chance at coaching their own position, coordinate their own defense and yes, be the head coach of their own team. When they walked into an interview they didn’t walk in just waiting for the questions to come to them. They already had a plan and even if the plan was not an exact fit for the job, it was impressive that the coach had a plan, an organized plan.

So today, as the football season creeps closer and closer we encourage you, if you are a young football coach to do the same. Make an investment in yourself. Don’t put in a season’s worth of brutal working hours only to shrug when someone asks you what your offense, defense or special teams plan would be. This short video will help you see ways that you can get started.

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