How Do You Run The Jet Sweep?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 5, 2017

Hopefully you saw last week where we began installing the Jet Sweep into FirstDown PlayBook. If you did you heard us talking about how many different ways we have found it drawn up. There is also quite a bit of video out there to study too.

We spent some time with some of the ball coaches who have this as a staple ingredient with their offense and we learned a lot in the process. Today we want to keep it brief but just take a second to get your input. How do you run the Jet Sweep?

Do you run this football play to the zone blocking or opposite of the zone blocking? Do you block the play side Defensive End? Do you run it in conjunction with the QB Power and read the Defensive End? Like we always say, FirstDown PlayBook is your playbook so when we get your input it helps us a lot!

We have a poll going on over at Twitter today so do us a favor and tap on the play drawing below and vote on your favorite way to run the Jet Sweep!

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