How NFL Teams Use Running Backs In The Passing Game
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 3, 2019

This recent USA Football article by Brendan Leister caught our eye here at FirstDown PlayBook because it hits on one off the things that NFL coaches do best, finding matchups for running backs in the pass game. Enjoy.

With the spread offense so prevalent at the lower levels and teams throwing the ball more than 50 times a game, running backs are coming into the NFL with more developed receiving skill sets than ever before. This has led to NFL teams becoming more interested in finding running backs that can have an impact in the passing game. Today, we look at five ways NFL teams used their backs in the passing game during the 2018 season.

The offense lines up in empty with the RB split out wide to the right. The RB motions into an offset position beside the QB. The isolated X runs a post from a tight split to clear out the weak side of the formation. On the three-receiver side, the No. 1 receiver runs a pivot, the No. 2 receiver runs a dig and the No. 3 receiver bubbles.  The QB picks his best matchup with the defense in Cover 1.

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