How To Set Up Your End Around Run Plays
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 20, 2018

The weekends are full of Jet Sweeps, End Around runs and Reverses these days as you take in football at all levels. These plays are obviously designed to be explosive big gainers that take advantage of a defense that is over playing or fast flowing to the base run game.

What we notice as we are watching a play like this is the receiver breaking into the open with a possibility of taking it to the house or at the very least, claiming a large chunk of real estate. What the coaches are watching is the end man on the line of scrimmage to the side of the run play. Odds are that there has been a coach in the booth who has been designated to watch that defender all day long just for the sole purpose of getting this football play run.

There are other elements that go into getting this type of play run though that goes beyond video study and game day scouting from the press box. Rarely does an End Around get called without it being set up by one or more other plays in the game plan designed to bait the defenders into over reacting.  Today’s short video describes how the play side tackle can do a ton of good with getting this play started just by convincing the end man on the line of scrimmage that he is the backside cutoff as opposed to being the one is actually getting a huge gainer started!

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