How To Use The Varsity Pass Game Section
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 10, 2018

Yes, we see you out there. The 7 on 7 crew is beginning to crank it up and in the warmer climate areas we are not sure you ever slowed down after the fall season ended. One of the most popular areas of FirstDown PlayBook is the Varsity Pass Game section and why not? There is nothing else out there like this for throwing the football regardless of what level you coach.

After all, where else are you going to find this:

  1. Over 5,000 pass plays at your fingertips all drawn by NFL coaches.
  2. Every play is flipped and run right handed and left handed.
  3. Every play has suggested quarterback reads and coaching points for every player.

FirstDown PlayBook has also spent a lot of time over the past months redesigning the plays so that they are all in color. This is going to make it a lot easier too keep your millennial and Gen Z minds focused as you coach them and also as you send them their 7 on 7 playbook to study before you even hit the field.

We have put together a short “How To” video to help you navigate the Varsity Pass Game section, so take a short two minutes to watch this. It will help you save some time as you are putting together your 7 on 7 playbook!


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