How We Coach Our Receiver Splits
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 22, 2017

FirstDown PlayBook serves a lot of different football coaches and players who coach or play at a lot of different levels of football. Some of the differences are very obvious like for instance when it comes to size, maturity and development of the players at every level.

However some of the differences are a little more subtle. For example all of the different sizes of football fields that our great game can be played on. There are at least three different set of fields for 11 on 11 contact football as the hash marks are different for High School, College and Professional football. This is not even taking in to consideration the arena leagues and other similar less known branches of football.

The Flag Football world opens up a whole different set of field logistics as there are some specifications out there but let’s face it no one is going to cancel the youth football flag season because the fields can’t be quite up to the specs.

So where are we going with this? Well, when we draw up pass plays we have to consider receiver splits just like we do the quarterback’s drop but we also have to acknowledge that we don’t know what the dimensions of your field are. For that reason we have come up with a system for coaching receiver splits that we think helps you with a starting point and also allows you take into consideration the size of the field that you are coaching or playing on.



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