How West Virginia Stole Yards With the Stick-Draw Concept
By Kendall Acho on Feb 8, 2019

By USA Football’s Justin Whitlatch

Justin Whitlatch and USA Football have released an interesting article that covers the West Virginia Mountaineers and their 2018 offensive unit that ranked No. 4 in passing offense in college football. We wanted to bring it to our FirstDown PlayBook coaches’ attention. Enjoy!

Led by Heisman candidate Will Grier, West Virginia had one of the top passing offenses in 2018. West Virginia had the No. 4 passing offense in college football with about 90-100 less attempts than those ranked one through three. The Mountaineers averaged 9.47 yards per pass attempt, putting them in the top 5 of that category. Will Grier played a major part in their offense, but Dana Holgorsen does a fantastic job of putting his players in the right position to be successful. We broke down six All-22 films to see what concepts West Virginia uses consistently and successfully. We will talk about one of their top pass and RPO/packaged play concepts. Dana Holgorsen comes from the Air Raid coaching tree like many others in college football. You’ll see he still runs many staples of the Air Raid, but where he differs is in some of his RPO’s and packaged plays.

RPO/Packaged Plays

West Virginia bases their offense out of 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR), and 10 personnel (1 RB, 4 WR). Their TE/FB in 11 personnel will be in the box for 90 percent of snaps and rarely touches the ball. West Virginia does not do anything outside of the box with formations and motions, but they are creative with their run/pass options and packaged plays. They will always put a LB in conflict on any given run play. They make defenses play slower than they want because they are always putting a defender in a bind.

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