How Would You Block the Backside Of This Power?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 6, 2020

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we have seen this blocking scheme dilemma a lot over the years. This is especially true with youth football coaches. The play we are trying to block here is a basic power play from an I backfield.

For the sake of this play we are going to base the play side tight end on the defensive end. We know some of you might inside release him but we want this youth football fullback to have a chance to lead up on the linebacker.

The question is how do we block the backside of this play. The problem is that the 3 technique tackle is getting in the hip of the pulling guard. This is allowing him to chase down the play from the back side.

The center is having problems getting this block and we can’t forget about that backside linebacker who is reading the guard pull either. So how would you block it? How would you secure the 3 technique tackle and the backside linebacker?

Check back on Wednesday and we will give you our thoughts right here!

We see this a lot in the fall with youth football coaches. Youth football lends itself to pulling offensive linemen because zone blocking requires a different level of technique and feel. So with youth football, pulling a guard, as we have done on this power is common.

The problem is that often times the play will be drawn up with either the center or the tackle being responsible for the backside 3 technique. The result is that neither have a great chance here if they work alone.

Penetration will beat the center and if the defensive tackle reads the pulling guard the offensive tackle has no chance either. The answer? Have the center and tackle work together. Both have pre-determined first steps.

The tackle takes a 45 degree step inside and the center takes a 45 degree step backside. They both know to block the defensive tackle if needed. If they are not needed they will work up to the backside linebacker.

There are little things like this that will help assure your favorite youth football play is blocked soundly and does not get stopped before it ever gets started.

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