If You “OutCoach” Anyone… It’s Likely Yourself
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 29, 2020

Over the past several weeks we have visited some topics that we think might be helpful as you prepare to coach your youth football team this season.

Finally, we get to you, the head coach. Regardless of what you read on the internet, you are not going to out scheme anyone at the youth football level. It rarely happens at the higher levels of football and the chance of it happening with nine and ten year olds is even more remote.

You can, however, out coach the other team. You can out fundamental, out technique, out repetition and yes, out execute your opponent. This will happen after you have assessed all of the things we covered over the past weeks. After that then you choose a very simple offensive and defensive package that you (and your team) really understand.

Once you understand that package inside and out. Teach it to your coaches and break it down into parts where the assistant coaches become experts at their part. You may break it up into positions like a regular football staff but you also may break your fundamentals up into groups.

For example, one assistant coach is in charge of tackling or flag pulling and another is responsible for proper blocking technique while yet another would oversee ball handling. This is important. If you do not coach your coaches and give them some responsibility, your team will suffer because everyone will be standing around watching you.

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