Introducing The Coach And Coordinator Podcast
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 17, 2017

FirstDown PlayBook would like to get this post holiday week started by telling you about a great football coaching resource that is being brought to you by our partners over at USA Football. The Coach And Coordinator podcast is a great free coaching resource for football coaches at any level.

The Coach And Coordinator podcast is hosted by Keith Grabowski who we here at FirstDown PlayBook know personally and we have respected his football knowledge and passion for our game for some time now.

What is the Coach And Coordinator podcast? Well, if you ask us here at FirstDown PlayBook it is a little of everything but Keith has done a fantastic job of going out and interviewing coaches from across the country. As a coach it is always beneficial to hear about how other coaches do things regardless of if it’s how they teach the first step to how they handle social media.

So don’t miss out on an opportunity to follow Keith as he continues to interview coaches that face the same challenges that you do on a day to day basis. Either tap on the picture below or just scroll down to see how you can start listening today!

The Coach and Coordinator podcast is a free resource for coaches and there are several ways to listen and find new episodes:

1 – Follow the Coach and Coordinator podcast on SoundCloud and get the alert on new episodes as soon as they are posted. Subscribe on

2 – On iTunes! Subscribe to the Coach and Coordinator podcast on iTunes and have access to the full library of shows. Subscribe on iTunes.

3 – All new podcast episodes—with show notes—are posted to the USA Football website. Listen there, and find other podcasts and related content. Be sure to follow USA Football on social media, where all new podcasts will also be shared.


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