Is It A Pick Or A Rub?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 20, 2016


The Defense calls it a pick. The offense says “prove it”. They say “it’s a rub in our playbook”. Either way it’s going to happen when you run crossing routes. Oh yeah, you can high low the underneath coverage too but there is something special about catching them in man coverage and using crossing routes to free your wide receivers up and use the defense against themselves. This is all part of FirstDown PlayBook’s latest CONCEPTS installation today as we release our Crossing Routes concept.

In case you have not noticed (the folks that are hanging 50 plus on your 7 0n 7 team have) this passing game section is making a lot of you happy and others confused. (that’s the defensive coaches). So for those of you who want to draw your own plays… here’s a pencil. For those of you who want to get exposed to different ways to crease the defense this is for you!

June 20 DropBack Crossing Concept 1

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