It’s November. What’s Your Bad Weather Plan?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 16, 2020

Anyone who saw the pictures or the game yesterday between Houston and Cleveland could see that the weather was brutal. The game was delayed 35 minutes due to high winds and hail.

If you have played or coached in Cleveland or Buffalo you know that this is always a possibility. When I was at the Bills we spent an extra night in Cleveland after our plane skidded off the runway as we were taxiing to head back home in the early 2000’s.

When you are a coach you have to look on the schedule and see these games coming and have a plan just in case. This goes for coaches at all levels. When we played that game in Cleveland I believe we threw the ball six times that day. That was six too many.

Cleveland ended up winning the game yesterday and weather was a factor the entire day. There were some strategic plays through out the game. Nick Chubb showed he understood by not scoring with moments left in the game.

This iced the game for the Browns and broke many hearts in Vegas. There was another play that stood out to us as well. The Texans wisely used what we call a Field Goal Pooch Punt. This pinned the Browns deep inside their territory late in the first half.

The premise is that you are in a fourth down situation and both the field goal and punt make little sense. Going for it makes even less sense. You have to do something so this is a great cal to have in your back pocket. We blogged about it last year. You can read that right here.

Here’s a quick snapshot of a special teams diagram below but we will really detail it tomorrow on All 22 Tuesday as it was a great call. Here at FirstDown PlayBook we like this call when the weather is good. It made particularly good sense when the teams were dealing with the weather yesterday! Be sure to join us tomorrow as we take a deeper dive into this!

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