Jet Sweep? Let Us Count The Ways!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 2, 2017

Honestly, we probably didn’t even know how many different versions of the Jet Sweep there were out there until we started this football play install but we certainly do now. There are so many in fact that we are going to have to give the Jet Sweep it’s own FirstDown PlayBook run game concept area. We will still house the Jet Sweep plays in the “Sweep” category but we will give you coaches a way to get directly to the Jet Sweeps also.

Everyone understands that it is such a great scheme to get your speed athlete out on the perimeter in a hurry but it can be run off of the zone away, the zone to and blocking the defensive end at the point of attack is definitely optional. This play is not exclusively run off of and with zone blocking either. The Jet Sweep off of the inside trap can have Linebackers thinking they can’t win.

Obviously, we can’t get to all of them in a day or a week or even a month for that matter but as we all know by now that’s one of the things that makes FirstDown PlayBook so great. The road goes on forever and the party never ends…which means we will be drawing football plays for a very long time of course!


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