Kickoff Coverage In Color
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 28, 2019

FirstDown PlayBook head coach Mike Singletary has made the point to our coaching staff many times about how he believes the more ways you can show a football player what you expect on a certain play, defense or special teams scheme the better off you and the player will be.

That’s really a mouthful when you stop and think about, not only the message about how you teach a player is important, but also when you stop and consider who you are teaching these days. Your football players are in a world that has them on sensory overload every day, all day long.

In order to reach your players when they get to the part of their day that is dedicated to football you had better understand that a black and white diagram that looks like it came from a 1960’s football playbook is not going to cut it.

So when you consider that it is important to be creative with your content regardless of if you are teaching world history or if you are teaching football then it becomes obvious why FirstDown PlayBook has gone to such lengths to help you out with that.

Check out this video as we show you how we coach up our base kickoff coverage and explain why we think using color and a well drawn diagram is essential as you coach in the year 2019.


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