Kickoff Return Front Line Technique
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 19, 2019

It can be a pretty challenging job around here to keep up with all of the changes with the special teams rules that have been taking place on a yearly basis. About the time we get some of the drawings updated the rules seem to change again. This is just one more reason that we are thankful for the Draw and Edit tool.

This will give everyone the chance to go in and make the modifications needed to conform to their rules. At some point FirstDown PlayBook will also go in and update the drawings to to fit the majority of our coaches’ rules. Once again, we serve coaches from every level of football so we always encourage you to make sure the blocking schemes conform to your rules.

When it comes to the kickoff return section there are some techniques that have become even more important now that some of the new rules have been implemented. The front line technique for this unit is now more critical than ever as many coaches are now placing seven or eight players on or near the front line for kickoff returns.

Seeing this, we thought it would be a good time to go back and review this front line technique video from a few years back. This details how you can take three or four focal keywords to teach your players to emphasize this technique on the front line of a kickoff return.

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