Labor Day Grill Or Grind
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 4, 2017

We hope that you and your family can enjoy this last day of the Labor day holiday and sneak in one more family barbecue before fall is sitting squarely in our laps here very shortly. Most high school and college football fans have had a chance to see their favorite teams play this year by now. Vol and Yellow Jacket fans it’s your turn tonight.

However, for most football coaches the Labor day holiday is just that. It is a day to grind and correct the mistakes from game one. Unless you coach in the NFL, coaches are feeling first hand what all coaches come to realize sooner or later. Regardless of whether you win or lose that first game you do the same thing almost immediately following that game…you get back to work and back to grinding.

So to all of you ball coaches who are working to fix that 0-1 record or to get to 2-0, this is the time when a lot of fans don’t think about being a ball coach but it is often days like this that separate football teams as you line up for that second football game next weekend!

So regardless of if you are grinding or grilling here’s a free red zone Labor Day gift for you. Tap on the football play of coaching points!


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