Learn how the Cincinnati Bearcats compliment the Inside Zone play
By Kendall Acho on Feb 24, 2019

By USA Football’s Justin Whitlatch

Justin Whitlatch and USA Football have published a great article that shows how Cincinnati Bearcats compliment the Inside Zone play! 

In year two, Luke Fickell has transformed Cincinnati’s football program. In 2017, the Bearcats were just 4-8 and had the No. 111 ranked offense in college football. In 2018, Cincinnati finished 11-2 and had the No. 23 ranked offense in the country. What a difference a year can make, and the Bearcats were a young group. A big part of their turnaround was being able to run the football. Cincinnati had the No. 15 ranked rushing offense in the country, averaging 239.5 yards per game. They also averaged 5.19 yards per rush with 38 touchdowns.

A big part of their success was inside zone/split zone. Cincinnati saw a multitude of fronts and looks, and they were able to run inside zone with tremendous success. Cincinnati bases out of a 11 personnel set (3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB). They consistently run their inside zone/split zone scheme with a tight end. They hang their out on split zone and will constrain their split zone with their tight end. They will do this in a multitude of ways. Some of the different ways they change up their basic split zone is with RPO’s (pre and post snap), or by using different unbalanced sets that force defenses to show their hand.

Before we get into Cincinnati’s constraints off their split zone, below is how they run their base split zone play. On an inside zone scheme, the quarterback is always responsible for the C-gap player… To read the rest of this informative article tap on the play below.


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