Less Field Means A Different Plan
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 19, 2015

As we progress down the field and get inside of the ten yard line the defense is expecting you to run “rub” routes to offset the man coverage and pressure that shows up when you first penetrate the Red Zone. This is when you begin to see “bracket” and “banjo” coverages.  For this reason using routes that start as crossing routes and then return back to where they started come into play.

+10- +5

The seam routes and deeper breaking routes are now limited because you are dealing with twenty yards or less including the end zone. The good news is that a Running Back can get to a seam from the backfield and often gets overlooked by Linebackers who are looking at crossing routes.

Maybe the biggest difference once you cross the ten yard line is that there are landmarks to almost all of your routes. The pylons and uprights provide excellent landmarks for your quarterback and receivers in an area where inches matter more than ever. The back of the end zone also becomes important real estate as your receivers will be taught to work this area late in a pass play to keep the play alive.

FirstDown PlayBook  put up five new Red Zone plays in this +10 to +6 area yesterday and we will continue working down the field into the +5 area tomorrow!
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