The Lessons Taught & Learned Tonight
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 20, 2017

First of all, we want to wish you the best with this weekend’s football game. Our hope is that you are coaching or playing in the biggest game of your career. We hope your team, your school, your community and maybe even your state are all focused on these three hours about to take place tonight or this weekend.

The special games that you are fortunate to be a part of this time of year provide a football coach the unique opportunity in today’s world to point to this as reward for all of the hard work a team puts in. That, more than likely, started right after the final game last year.

The patience and grit required to achieve a goal over a long period of time is unique in today’s “instant gratification” world. Keeping a football team together and focused on a selfless team goal for a football season is no small task. Throw in a couple of hurricanes, wildfires and any of the other crazy events taking place in the outside world these days and the task can be even more difficult.

This is just one more reason why coaching is special, and in our opinion, football coaching is in a class by itself. To bring a group of football players together from all different backgrounds, with different body types and skill sets is challenging enough. But to get them to trust one another enough to become a team and a family is the ultimate.

We also understand that not every game this weekend will be for a playoff birth or for first place. There will be plenty of games tonight where the result and the effort to achieve that result will be barely known outside of the players, coaches, school and community. And of course, in the mirror that they get up and look into the next morning. These are the quiet victories and lessons that will be taught across our country tonight. Quiet, but oh so important.

So as you walk the hallways, teach or attend your classes or maybe just look for somewhere to get away from it all so you can focus on the task at hand tonight, we recognize you. No, let’s be more truthful, we envy you and your opportunity to coach or play the greatest game in the world with your team and family tonight. Best wishes from FirstDown PlayBook!

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