Life Lessons Of High School Football Playoffs
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 17, 2017

As the state of Texas begins their high school football playoffs tonight that means pretty much every state is into the playoffs at this point. Towns big and small are buzzing about their team and hoping that this is THE YEAR. Players and coaches are walking the school hallways with their stomachs in a knot that most likely will not go away until the kicker’s foot strikes the ball to start the game tonight around 8:00.

Football playoffs are always teaching moments particularly in high school. Tonight half of the teams will learn what it feels like to get one step closer to what they have worked at for an entire year. They will certainly learn that there really is nothing quite as satisfying as the satisfaction that comes from working hard and fighting your tail off for something and finally earning it.

There will be other lessons taught tonight also. There will be seniors who will watch the last seconds tick off of the scoreboard clock as they read a score telling them that they will never play this game that they love ever again. A painful lesson that all football players learn at some point but when it happens in a playoff situation the seniors do not get to prepare for it.

Nights like tonight are what coaches talk about as they try to explain the value this game of football brings to the young people fortunate enough to still play it. There are plenty of skeptics these days but most of these people never experienced what the young football players from across our country will experience tonight. These players will experience excitement, nervousness, challenges, disappointment, teamwork, failure, resilience, joy and yes some will certainly experience a big dose of sadness. Sounds a lot this thing we call life doesn’t it?

So to all of you fortunate enough to still be playing or coaching this time of year we say congratulations and encourage you to savor the moment. Soak up every last drop of it because we are envious of you and odds are that it will be a night you will never forget regardless of what lesson the game of football teaches you tonight.


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