LSU Turns Football Into 2 On 1 Keep Away
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 12, 2019

Sometimes it can seem like football can be a complex game. With formations, shifts and motion adjustments on the defensive side and all of the complex blitz pickups on the offensive side it can seem hard. Every now and then though there is a play that just amazes us by how simple it is.

FirstDown PlayBook, along with our friends over at USA Football have been pointing out all season just how hard the LSU offense has been making it on the weak side safety for SEC defenses. The premise has been fairly simple.

Burrow stares down the safety and regardless of if it’s a RPO or a predetermine play that safety has a lot of doubt in his mind right up until it’s too late. On Saturday afternoon in Tuscaloosa the Tigers did it again at a critical moment in the game. This time the concept was even simpler than before.

Later today we will once again join USA Football’s Keith Grabowski and Zach Dunn to look at how LSU turned this play into a game of 2 on 1 keep away. We will also break down three other plays from this weekend on All 22 Tuesday!


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