Man Coverage Vs The Falcons…Hard To Do!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 30, 2017


It is Super Bowl week and all eyes are pointed towards Houston so we will get in on the action a little this week too and draw up a few plays that highlight why the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots have become so dominant at just the right time of year.

We will start with this play-action pass from Matt Ryan to Julio Jones on the second play from scrimmage in the second half last week vs the Packers. The Falcons already lead 24-0 but were well aware of what Aaron Rodgers is capable of so this was a huge play that set the tone for the rest of the day.

The Falcons line up in a one back formation and have the Tight End out wide to the right. Ryan brings the Tight End inside on motion and the man coverage being played by Green Bay is revealed. On the snap Ryan gives a quick fake to the RB coming across to the right on an inside zone fake. The Tight End crosses the formation to fake the backside cutoff block.

The unlucky Packers player who drew man coverage on Julio Jones got worked by Jones as he took him in then out and then beat him badly across the middle. To make it even worse the Free Safety gets picked by the Z as he is running a crossing route. Add all of these things together and 73 yards later the Atlanta Falcons led 31-0 and their Super Bowl ticket was pretty much punched!


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