Miami Miracle Hook & Ladder Breakdown
By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 10, 2018

In yesterday’s post game press conference Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase accurately described the Saturday routine of pretty much all thirty two NFL teams. After reviewing the specific game plan for that particular Sunday’s game there is the normal “boring” routine of practicing the final plays and special situations.

This can range from the situations that you hope to be in like a “Victory” formation or having your “Hands” team on the field to recover an onside kick attempt to seal a game. It can also involve the situations that you don’t want to be in like your final desperation plays, Hail Mary throws, and yes, the old “Hook and Ladder” play.

Gase described it as boring and a situation that you hope to not have to use. He is correct on both descriptions but as the world saw yesterday the delayed gratification feels so very good when it comes at just the right time against your division rival.

Today FirstDown PlayBook walks you through some of the coaching points that most teams include when coaching the “Hook and Ladder” football play. Most of you have it in your playbook already and as you would imagine it is a part of FirstDown PlayBook’s call sheet as well.

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