Monday Morning QB: How Would You Adjust To This?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 24, 2020

You set your four man front defense to the formation strength and your plan is to play man free behind it. The offense comes out in a 3×1 two tight end formation to the field.

You are playing corners over and leaving the strong safety on the boundary side to defend the edge. You’re in good shape. Now the offense orbit motions #1 to the boundary. Now what?

Obviously, you have an around threat to defend. Heck, you pretty much have to defend it like it was a jet sweep unless your player are going to recognize the difference in the depth of the motion very QUICKLY.

Regardless of all of that, you better adjust to it somehow. Today’s Monday Morning Quarterback question is how would you adjust your defense to this? There may be more than one correct answer so sort it out your own way.

FirstDown PlayBook will come back on Wednesday of this week and add our adjustment so be sure to check back in then!

When I was a young football coach I remember Lou Holtz being quoted something to the effect “If the offense moves one player and you are moving three or four to adjust on defense then you have a defensive problem.”

This is why we would adjust to this simply by bringing the corner back over with the orbit motion. We would balance up the Free Safety and play ball. You are still in good shape vs the run with the strong safety and Sam linebacker defending your perimeter.

Many of you suggested checking the defense or coverage vs this motion and you could do that but once again, often times, less is more when coaching football!

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