More Empty Formation DropBack Passes
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 18, 2018

The FirstDown PlayBook DropBack Pass game section got a huge facelift this weekend as we have installed seven or eight brand new Empty DropBack pass plays for you. We have stayed focused on the quick game with this installation understanding how fragile the protection can be in Empty.

We will be going in very soon and incorporating all of the coaching points and that’s where we will detail out the reads, including hots and sights in the event that you get pressured by the defense when one of these football plays gets dialed up.

To begin working on this section is a pretty big deal too because as we go in to put color on all of the football plays in this area it will complete the coloring of the DropBack area. That means that all of the plays in the DropBack section will now be in color. You and your players are going to like that.

Obviously, any plays that we install from here on out will also be in color and we can soon move on over to the Play-Action Pass section and begin dressing those up as well. So as you 7 on 7 dudes are starting to crank it up across the country, this is going to be a big deal and don’t worry FirstDown Playbook will always be installing new pass plays so this section is only going too grow forever!

Take look at what’s in store for you the next time you visit FirstDown PlayBook.

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