Move The Target Around
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 10, 2014

FirstDown PlayBook has been watching the Miami Dolphins quite a bit these days and they do a great job of moving their QB around and running a good Boot/Naked pass game. You should study them if you like this attack. This is not from their playbook necessarily but it is a way to throw the “smash” concept  with your QB outside of the pocket.




COMES OFF OF THIS RUN PLAY: Inside zone weak

PROTECTION: Waggle (Offside Guard is pulling)

PLAY: Waggle Strong 471

QB Action: Fake inside zone and boot leg opposite.




-QB will reverse out and execute run fake away.
-QB will use boot action away gaining depth initially from the LOS.
-The QB must get his head around and look for targets high to low.
-The QB will stay on the move and break the pocket as he goes thru his read.
-QB will progress thru the read always aware that running the ball is an option.

-The Z will sell the backside cutoff block with patience. He is the third read.
-The Z can look inside and see the QB’s timing to know when to execute the return.
-The Over route must gain ground across the field as he gains depth.
-The F will use best release and keep the Corner route high vs cover 2.
-The Y is patient as he sells the back side block and will pin the DE late.
-The pulling Guard will fit outside of the TE ad protect outside in.

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