New Look DropBack Passes!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 10, 2017

The FirstDown PlayBook DropBack passes have always been the most detailed football play drawings out there and when you factor in the Coaching Points and Quarterback reads, well it’s easy to see why the coaches using this are ripping up 7 on 7 tournaments across the country. After all, the FirstDown PlayBook passing game plays are all designed and drawn by NFL coaches.

Like anything in life though we did have an area where we needed to get better with our passing game plays. They were actually the only plays in FirstDown PlayBook that were not in color! Well, we are fixing that and it starts today!

We are starting with our our 2×2, 3×1, 3×1 Wing, 2 Tight, 2 Back Pro and 2 Back Open formations as we begin the process of colorizing all of our pass plays in FirstDown PlayBook. Now to be clear, this is a HUGE job so we appreciate your patience as we continue to make FirstDown PlayBook the best football playbook resource on the planet!

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