New Youth Trips Formation Today!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 1, 2017

We take a lot of pride in listening to you, our coaches, players and fans about the direction we should take with our football playbook installations. Our youth football coaches were pretty vocal this offseason and one of the requests we were a little surprised about was the banging of the drum for a 3×1 Trips formation.

Sorry, but we adjust all of our drawings to some form of sound defense. If the defense does not line up to your formation then you should be in good shape anyway!

The obvious advantage is that you have an overloaded side for the run game and the passing game. Odds are if you have a young QB you will need to get him or her moving that way to cut down on the length of the throw but sprint out and boot actions will help you out with that.

You will also need to have ways to counter back to the weak side when the defense overloads your three receiver side. FirstDown PlayBook will take all of this into consideration as we install around twenty football plays for this formation in June. If you have not peeked inside of the FirstDown PlayBook youth offensive section lately you probably want to look at his video to keep up!


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