NFL Flag Rules Found Right Here
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 22, 2019

FirstDown PlayBook is the official playbook resource for USA Football who adheres to the NFL Flag rules. NFL Flag leagues play 5v5 flag football and have several specific rules. One of these rules is that it is not legal for the quarterback to run the football directly after taking the snap from the center.

As we draw up your 5v5 flag football plays we mostly do it with the goal of creating some deception for the defense. At the same time we try to design the football plays simple enough that six, seven and eight year olds will be able to run them effectively.

This often involves combining several plays into one so that the players can all do pretty much the same thing. This way only the quarterback does something different from one play to the next.

This allows your flag football team to play fast and not be paralyzed by thinking about a new assignment on every play. It also allows you to call the same play multiple times with different ways built in to attack the defense.

Todays short video is from last year and our 2.0 Draw & Edit plays look a lot better now, but it still does a good job as it walks you through how we coach up one of our 5v5 flag football plays. This will definitely show how we make coaching your 5v5 youth football team a lot easier!

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