NFL Three Layers Of Play-Action Pass
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 5, 2018

Those of you who follow FirstDown PlayBook know we have been focusing on the play-action pass game over the past several months. One of the big points of emphasis has been that it is important to make the play-action pass look like the run that it comes off of.

Today we want to show you a little twist on this concept. We saw several NFL teams use these two play-action pass plays and the unique thing about these plays is that they are actually a two way bait and switch scheme.

The plays initially look like a run play to the weak side and then they quickly evolve to a bootleg pass look to the strong side only to eventually end up being a play-action pass back to the weak side.

NFL coaches are the best at utilizing personnel and they are also the kings of using Tight End FullBack bodies to find mismatches in the run and the pass game. So enjoy this video today as we take you through these two NFL plays and then get on over to the FirstDown PlayBook website to add them to your playbook.


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