NFL Tuesday 10 Features Gruden & Cousins
By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 29, 2015


Everyone will have their pick for the NFL 2015 coach of the year honors but Jay Gruden has to get consideration for how he has handled the situation in Washington this year. Faced with a very volatile situation that involved the entire team, coaching staff and even the fans, Gruden did what coaches do. He just kept coaching and making decisions based on what he saw on the field. Congrats to him, his staff and the entire team for winning the NFC East.

This week’s FirstDown PlayBook Tuesday 10 features just how far Kirk Cousins has come in the last few seasons and how the Washington coaching staff does a good job of game planning to set him up for success. This play was in the third quarter of last week’s game vs Philadelphia. The Redskins catch the Eagles in man free coverage with the strong safety playing as a hole player. Cousins shifts the H out to empty the backfield. The poor linebacker is forced to go out in space with him. Not a good situation but he still should have help inside from the strong safety.

Gruden & CousinsThis is where Cousins comes into the equation. The old Cousins might have stared down the H but on this play Cousins understands that his only concern is the hole player underneath and he looks him off to the two china routes on the left. The safety steps that way and the linebacker has no chance in man coverage vs a back. A lot goes into manufacturing points in the NFL and this is a perfect example of game planning the red zone, communicating it and most importantly executing it.
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