The (Not So) Secret Weapon
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 16, 2017

We receive a lot of compliments about our Special Teams section on FirstDown PlayBook and it’s not surprising. Oh we know that the Special Teams section is not why most coaches sign up but once the season gets going and the bullets start flying, that’s when this comes in very handy. In fact we had one head coach who told us that his staff is using FirstDown PlayBook as reference tool and his offensive and defensive staffs really found it useful. Then he went on to say that in his opinion the real plus for his staff was the Special Teams section.

This does not surprise us. During the thirty some years that I coached I would always visit with high school or college coaches in the off season and one common request was “Coach, do you have any good stuff on Special Teams?”  I would always try to spend time on it but that’s the problem. There is only so much time. That’s what makes FirstDown PlayBook’s Special Teams section so great. It is essentially a Special Teams clinic on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

There is an abundance of content in this section and we would challenge you to find more detail put into the coaching points any where out there. There are eight different phases in this section because we have produced Spread and a Shield Punt sections as well as defending them.  So as you’re digging through your Offense or Defense sections in FirstDown PlayBook this season remember that there is a game or two to be won in our Special Teams section too!




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