Now 100 4v4 Flag Football Plays!
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 21, 2017

FirstDown PlayBook installed fifteen brand new 4v4 flag football plays this weekend. This now puts our 4v4 flag football play count at 100. It also brings your total flag football play count to nearly 400 plays!

When you consider the fact that FirstDown PlayBook mirrors every play that we draw, this means that we now have nearly 1000 flag football plays for you. The FirstDown PlayBook color code that shows your quarterback how to read and execute every play, along with the coaching points we provide make your preparation and your team’s preparation so much easier.

At the end of the day we all get 24 hours. We are all busy people and have better things to do than to scour the internet looking for plays that we have no idea are any good or not. This is why FirstDown PlayBook brings so much value from a quality standpoint not only regarding how the plays look but also where they come from. All of our plays are conceived and drawn by professional (NFL) coaches.

So before you sit down at your computer and spend two or three hours looking for flag football plays this year, make it easy on yourself. Visit FirstDown PlayBook and they are all right there waiting for you in one place!


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