Now Find Your Runs By Formation!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 9, 2017

If you coach football long enough you learn one thing for sure and that is that you don’t have all of the answers! If you think you do then you don’t have very good friends either because they haven’t corrected you on your misconception!

We here at FirstDown PlayBook love it when you point out how we can do something better. Sometimes it’s not even a case where we have done something incorrectly, but instead it’s just another way to look at things. Todays installation on FirstDown PlayBook is a great example.

When we installed the Varsity run game we set it up so that you could find your run game by concept. There’s nothing wrong with this but as many of you have pointed out, you would also like to just go in and find all of your run game by formation too…

Ask and (if it’s a good idea) you shall receive!

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