Now Over 40 FDPB Defensive Pressures
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 15, 2016

1-year-oldWe are finishing up our Over Max Fire Zone out of a 42 Nickel front today. We will add alignments and adjustments to 3×1, Bunch, and Empty formations. The bigger news however is that this pressure section in FirstDown PlayBook is getting huge. We now have over forty pressures in our football playbook.

This is only the beginning because remember we are drawing up FirstDown PlayBook pressures out of Base and Sub personnel. We also are giving you different fronts like Over, Under, 3-4 and Bear. As if that were not enough we also give you  man and zone coverage behind the pressures. So as you can see there is going to be something in this section for everyone.

Bang On the Play To Take A Look At How Much The FirstDown PlayBook Pressure Section Has Grown!



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