Ohio State Punt Block Scheme Vs Michigan
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 25, 2018

There were a lot of big plays in yesterday’s Ohio State Michigan game as Ohio State once again came out on top 62-39. If you ask us though, the biggest play was a blocked punt that the Buckeyes pulled off in the third quarter.

Ohio State was up one score at the time of the punt block which took place in the third quarter with 4:50 on the clock. As Michigan lined up to punt from their own 36 yard line the coaches had to be thinking that the game was about to level off into a field position battle and both teams wanted to get to the fourth quarter with a to chance to win.

This obviously never happened as Ohio State wide receiver Chris Olave took the ball off of the punter’s foot and it ended up in one of the Ohio State corner’s hands screaming down the sideline for a touchdown.

There are so many things that were well executed with this punt block scheme but one that cannot be overlooked is how Ohio State assistant coach Greg Schiano understood that if you are going to free a player up to the block point then you need to make sure that it is a player with the athletic ability and technique needed to actually block the punt.

Ohio State’s players and coaches checked off all of those boxes and the result was a game changing blocked punt. Take a look at this short video as FirstDown PlayBook draws up the punt block scheme for you.

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