More Than One Way To Adjust To Motion
By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 17, 2017

FirstDown PlayBook can help you coach your football team in a lot of ways but there is definitely one thing we do not know as we are drawing up offensive, defensive and special teams schemes for you. We have no idea about your personnel. Every good football coach will tell you that you had better start with evaluating your talent at every position first before setting your scheme in stone.

As we have been installing your latest FirstDown PlayBook pressure this is on our minds a lot. The Under Saint pressure that we have installed is a zero blitz, which means it is pure man to man coverage with no help in center field if a defender gets beat. So as we have been drawing up all of your adjustments to motion and Tight End trades we are well aware that how you adjust will be determined by your personnel.

This is why when we adjust to offensive formations and motions we will often give you several ways to do it. This weekend’s install is a great example. To learn more about what we mean check out this short video!


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