Over 100 FirstDown PlayBook Trick Plays!
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 16, 2017

We understand that it’s not the time of year when coaches are really focused on trick plays as many of you are going through spring practice and a lot of you youth coaches are just finding out who is going to be on your team.

However, when the fall rolls around and defenses start loading up on your favorite plays you are going to want to have a bag of tricks to go to. That is why FirstDown PlayBook has now built your “Tricks For Six” section up to over one hundred trick plays!

This number is a combination of our Varsity, Youth Football and Special Teams trick plays. As some of you know, we are going through our youth plays and adding more as we upgrade each formation so you know there will be additional trickery added there as we do this too!

So continue to focus on the basic fundamentals and on building your team the right way but know that when you get tho the fall and need a wrinkle or two FirstDown PlayBook will have over one hundred for you!

Here is a free FirstDown PlayBook trick play! Tap on it to get the coaching points!


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