Panthers 3rd & One TD Makes The Tuesday 10
By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 21, 2015


When you run the ball well and your quarterback is a threat with the ball in his hands too you can cause a lot of problems for a defense. This is exactly what happened yesterday just before half time in the Panthers Giants game.

The Panthers brought in Heavy personnel and lined up as if it were an old fashioned goal line play about to be run. Instead they ran a little boot/waggle pass in which they pulled the backside guard selling the run play even more to the linebackers and safeties.

t10 final

Greg Olsen, the backside tight end also did a great job of selling the cutoff block on the second level linebacker and this also sucked the edge line backer down inside. He was very patient and knew that in order for the play to work Newton was probably going to have to break contain and get outside.

When all of this unfolded the boot side safety was caught in a bind. He could either attack Newton and try to stop the run for the first down or stay back and cover Olsen as he released for the pass. Not sure he could be right either way but this certainly was not the right choice as Newton found Olsen for a touchdown before the half!

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