Part The Dart & Adjustments
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 3, 2020

If you are coaching a youth flag football team and the defense is just smothering you with man coverage it can get frustrating. You are consistently not getting anyone open. Eventually, even when you do, your quarterback will get so frustrated that they lose their confidence to throw it accurately.

The temptation can be to try to make the defense pay with a “home run” ball. You know, a deep throw that will run the defense out of all of that man coverage stuff. However, as you look at your quarterback and realize you do not have Tom Brady, you may need another answer.

Normally, the best route to take is to find a way to get your receivers open immediately so that the ball gets thrown just as quickly. This is going to at least give you a chance to create yardage after the catch.

Maybe even more importantly, it will help you fend off the dreaded frustration that can set in with your young players. We all know that this frustration thing can act like an extra defender if we are not careful.

Let’s look at this short video and talk about some ideas to keep that from happening.

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