Passing Game & Flag Football Installs This Week!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 6, 2017

As we move on from the Fourth of July holiday, we here at FirstDown PlayBook will begin to shift gears too. We have devoted a ton of time upgrading the youth football offense and defense this spring and early summer. If you are a youth football coach we can guarantee you that there is more than enough football play content on both sides of the ball to help you against anyone you face this fall!

Now we will turn our focus back to the Varsity section and the Flag Football sections. With over 30,000 football plays there are not a whole lot of areas that we have not hit but there is always room to add more football plays, defenses and schemes.

On Saturday we will load you up with more DropBack passing plays that will be sure to help you with the final days of your 7on7 tournaments and also come in handy this fall. However, we will start today by installing more flag football defenses. We want to go back today and make sure we have you ready to face the variety of flag football offensive formations that you might get this fall so if you want to see what we are installing just tap on the play below and we will take you right there!


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